2022 Q3 – MicroEra Power Awarded NY State NextGen HVAC Innovation Challenge Funding

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September 15, 2022

MicroEra Power, innovators of THERMAplus™, a next generation, smart Thermal Energy Storage system for commercial buildings, today announced it has been awarded funding through the NextGen HVAC Challenges, administered by New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) which will support development of their proposed onsite thermal energy storage system. The MicroEra Power vision is to reduce carbon emissions and to provide commercial and industrial buildings with resilient heating and cooling with up to 50 percent energy cost savings.

A reliable electric grid requires on-site energy storage to manage peak demands. To that end, MicroEra Power’s THERMAplus™, using phase change materials and unique intellectual property, will provide very low-cost and low-carbon thermal energy storage, to serve a $32 billion dollar global market opportunity.

THERMAplus™ provides energy storage to heat and cool commercial buildings while supporting grid capacity and reliability on the hottest days of summer and natural gas distribution limitations on the coldest days of winter. Energy storage is an essential enabler for the transition away from fossil fuels and toward electrification, supported by economic and environmental advantages of wind and solar. With a 2050 100% Renewable Energy electric grid, with between 50% and 75% wind energy, thermal energy storage can provide for 100% of buildings’ heating and cooling loads without need for Lithium battery storage.

“MicroEra Power is developing a breakthrough thermal energy storage system for efficient, flexible, low carbon heating and cooling of commercial buildings. Our system is a tool for reducing the cost of peak electricity. We are grateful for NYSERDA’s support in developing and commercializing this technology, “ says Ellie Rusling, MicroEra Power CEO.

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