Smart Thermal Energy Storage to Heat & Cool Buildings

THERMAplus is a next generation, smart Thermal Energy Storage system for commercial buildings. The system manages peak loads and supports the transition to a renewable intensive grid for full decarbonization. Thermal Energy Storage provides commercial buildings with energy cost savings, resiliency, and sustainability credentials.

Thermal loads, particularly for air conditioning, represent a substantial part of on-peak loads. Using energy storage to shift thermal loads to off-peak, renewable-intensive periods offers substantial savings. While lithium batteries and hydrogen/fuel cells make the front page news, THERMAplus is lower cost, safe, durable, and 50% more efficient!

MicroEra Power is innovating on a first-generation Thermal Battery product architecture which has an installed base in the USA. We are preparing to pilot a next generation THERMAplus system as a high volume global product.

Secret sauce?

THERMAplus has three distinguishing features

  1. Phase change materials, which efficiently store both heat and cooling with the same active material and tank
  2. Improved heat exchanger, to effectively deliver higher heat and cooling power
  3. THERMAiQ, smart cloud-based software that uses AI and machine learning to monitor, control, and optimize system operation

Energy Savings and Sustainability

THERMAplus stores thermal energy to shift heating and cooling loads to lower-cost, lower-carbon energy supplies.

The transition to wind and solar requires large amounts of Energy Storage. While Lithium Batteries and Hydrogen/Fuel Cells are two important and well known approaches, we see a large role for Thermal systems. THERMAplus uses off-peak and renewable-intensive electricity to charge an active material with heat or cooling. This stored energy can then be used on-peak, reducing the need for expensive and carbon-intensive peak electricity.

Peak electricity is normally 3X more expensive than off-peak electricity and this ratio is increasing. Wholesale electricity can be sold at a negative price on sunny or windy days when renewable electricity is abundant. Capturing this spread provides substantial cost savings to heat or cool the building.

Currently, air conditioning is indirectly carbon-intensive because it often sets the peak load requirement for the grid, which drives the need for fossil-fueled peaker plants. Hot Water and Space Heating are directly carbon-intensive because they are often powered by natural gas.

THERMAplus systems provide energy savings and sustainability, readily integrating with fuel cells, solar thermal, geothermal, or combined heat and power (CHP) to form a flexible, resilient, renewable-intensive microgrid.

Energy cost savings, resiliency, and sustainability for Commercial and Light Industrial facilities. Energy-as-a-Service option for turnkey design, install, and financing.

MicroEra Power's systems support an overall clean, efficient, low-carbon grid:

  • Reduce the need for electric storage with lower cost THERMAL ENERGY STORAGE using novel PHASE CHANGE MATERIALS. THERMAplus can store RENEWABLE ENERGY when it is abundant and shift HVAC loads to lower cost off-peak times

  • Smart, efficient on-site storage solutions are quick and responsive, providing power when and where it is needed

  • Reduce overall peak demand, by utilizing THERMAL ENERGY STORAGE during peak periods

  • Building-to-grid connectivity. The THERMAplus system, via IoT (Internet of Things) and Machine Learning software, can be aggregated to provide equivalent performance to a Virtual Power Plant, without the CARBON EMISSIONS

  • Our THERMAiQ™ cloud software predicts and anticipates peak loads, and optimizes system operation to lower peak electrical costs. We can even respond to seasonal peaks supporting the grid with valuable DEMAND RESPONSE services

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