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MicroEra Power is venture-backed and is developing the world’s most efficient on-site Combined Cooling, Heat, and Power systems (100 – 400 kW range) to provide businesses with ultra-reliable Back-Up Power and cost-effective On-Site Power Generation. Our system can replace an existing boiler with a hybrid power system, operating on inexpensive Natural Gas or Propane, to provide a Value-Creating Energy Management Tool with a FAST PAYBACK.

Cost saving & Clean
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MicroEra Power's Multi-Function Generator system provides FOUR main functions:

  • Backup Power Generation: Requiring only seconds of response time for full startup (with the option of instant protection of critical loads with a UPS).

  • Demand Response: Receive payments from your utility by committing to operate the on-site system on request during peak system demand.

  • Peak Shaving: Self-generate behind the meter to drastically reduce demand charges, often representing as much as 50% of a business' utility costs.

  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP): Why pay for energy twice? MicroEra Power captures system exhaust heat to generate steam, hot water, and space heating or cooling - as a free by-product.

Supporting a
Renewable-intensive grid

In the future, MicroEra Power’s systems can be deployed to support a renewable-intensive electric grid for an overall low-carbon system. As more solar and wind power come online, it becomes more difficult to operate central power plants cost effectively. Renewable energy intermittency also increases the need for redundant power generation capacity and energy storage.

To meet peak demand, utilities maintain spinning reserves and peak capacity at hot stand-by, at high cost and with ongoing carbon emissions when there is no demand for this energy. As solar power capacity ramps up, the early evening peak in grid demand is increasingly severe and thus difficult for the grid operator to meet.

To support utilities in this daily challenge, MicroEra Power provides a clean, cost-effective and scaleable solution.

Ways in which our system supports an overall clean, efficient, low-carbon grid:

  • We mitigate the need for electric storage by providing on-site power generation, without extensive batteries or load-shifting technologies, which inherently represent high costs, efficiency losses, and increased carbon emissions.

  • We provide efficient on-site generation solutions which are quick and responsive, to provide power when and where it is needed, with high-efficiency at all power levels and without the requirement of of a minimum run time.

  • We reduce overall peak demand, by businesses self-generating during peak periods, and recovering and storing heat for heating and air conditioning functions.

  • Building-to-grid connectivity, in future initiatives, now being explored by the U.S. Department of Energy, MicroEra Power systems can be aggregated (via IoT technology) to provide a Virtual Power Plant.

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