A New Vision for On-Site Power & Energy Storage

MicroEra Power is a system integrator, developing and manufacturing novel Thermal Energy Storage and On-Site Power systems to provide commercial buildings energy cost savings, resiliency, and sustainability.

IP from $100M corporate R&D programs protects our system designs. We have low-cost access to a world-class development facility in Rochester, New York, Start-Up New York designation, U.K. Global Entrepreneur Company status, and support received from Empire State Development, NYSERDA, U.K. Department of International Trade, and our investors.


THERMAplus stores thermal energy to shift heating and cooling Loads to lower-cost, lower-carbon energy supplies.

CHPplus systems provide peak and back-up power, with efficient by-product heating and cooling.

Together, systems provide energy security, savings, and sustainability. They can be integrated with solar and/or geothermal to form a renewable microgrid.

Supporting a
Renewable-intensive grid

Renewable energy intermittency increases the need for energy storage and distributed power generation capacity. MicroEra Power’s THERMAplus and CHPplus systems support an overall low-carbon system, grid stability, and resiliency

  • Reduce grid consumption for Electrical and HVAC loads at peak times
  • Generate Peak Power, when energy demands are high or renewable sources are limited
  • Store Renewable Energy, when electricity is abundant and inexpensive
  • Support the Grid via a responsive, virtual network of connected systems

Energy cost savings, resiliency, and sustainability for Commercial and Light Industrial facilities. Energy-as-a-Service option for turnkey design, install, and financing.

MicroEra Power's systems support an overall clean, efficient, low-carbon grid:

  • Mitigate the need for electric storage with lower cost THERMAL ENERGY STORAGE using novel PHASE CHANGE MATERIALS. THERMAL ENERGY STORAGE can store RENEWABLE ENERGY when it is abundant and shift HVAC loads to lower cost off-peak times

  • Smart, efficient CHPplus™ on-site generation solutions are quick and responsive, providing power when and where it is needed, without the required minimum run time which limits responsiveness of central power plants

  • Reduce overall peak demand, by self-generating during peak periods and capturing and storing by-product heat for heating and air conditioning

  • Building-to-grid connectivity. MicroEra Power systems, via IoT technology, can be aggregated to provide a Virtual Power Plant and DEMAND RESPONSE

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