2021 Q4 - Featured Speaker at Greentown Labs Climatetech Summit!

Nov 4, 2021

Greentown Labs hosted a bold Climatetech Summit and 10-year anniversary celebration as the largest climate-tech accelerator in the world. Startups, Strategic Partners, and Investors all gathered to join forces in furthering solutions to battle climate change – providing resiliency and sustainability for our planet.

MicroEra Power was a Featured Speaker – addressing a full house (sold out!) and more than 2,000 virtual attendees. The event was co-celebrated in Somerville, MA and Houston, TX, with simulcast in Glasgow, Scotland at the COP26 Conference.

  • CEO and co-founder, Eleanor Rusling, pitched THERMAplus as an energy storage solution “Better than Batteries for Heating and Cooling buildings.”

  • MicroEra Power’s Eleanor Rusling, Molly Over, and Kim Keefer met with potential investors, partners, and hires.

  • The THERMAplus trade show demo gave a hands-on feel of thermal energy storage for heating and cooling buildings!

  • Speakers addressed all aspects of climatetech startups, including governmental policy and how to bring diverse perspectives into this field.

Thank you Greentown Labs for the invaluable support and connection as we develop THERMAplus!

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