2020 Q3 - AcceliCITY has THERMAplus in its sights!

Aug 28, 2020

MicroEra Power, a Smart City startup, based in Rochester NY with an office in Newcastle, UK, is proud to announce that they have been selected as a semi-finalist in this year’s AcceliCITY Smart City program facilitated by Leading Cities and QBE North America. In this process, MicroEra Power demonstrated the critical role they can play in building smarter cities worldwide.

The purpose of AcceliCITY is to further the potential impact Smart City startups will have in cities and towns around the world. The AcceliCITY program helps startups succeed by connecting them with mentors from Leading Cities’ global network of smart city experts and city leaders. From nearly 400 companies from 37 countries that applied to the AcceliCITY program, MicroEra Power was one of the 50 selected companies that stood out as an exceptional contender.

“Each year the quality of applicants continues to increase, demonstrating the growing maturity of the Smart City industry. Being selected as a semi-finalist in the AcceliCITY program among such impressive competitors is an outstanding achievement and worthy of the attention that cities around the world will now give each semi-finalist,” said Michael Lake, President & CEO of Leading Cities.

MicroEra Power will work with Leading Cities mentors to identify the proper channels, networks, people, and knowledge to do business with cities worldwide and to achieve their goals and increase the value they can offer. If MicroEra Power is selected as a Finalist, it will participate in the AcceliCITY Boot Camp with opportunity to further connect with potential clients and investors.

“The Leading Cities program has brought together globally sourced and professionally vetted early stage companies and has provided access to mentors and connections for an accelerated path-to-market for our THERMAplus on-site energy storage technology. While our modeling and prototype work has demonstrated the value we can bring in this transition to electrification of heat, cooling, and transportation, it is now time to demonstrate in the field! With thermal energy storage, we can cost-effectively support a more robust electric grid subject to the intermittencies of renewable energies.” --Ellie Rusling, MicroEra Power, CEO.

MicroEra Power is a system integrator with unique thermal energy storage and on-site cooling, heat and power systems for commercial buildings. MicroEra Power’s THERMAplus and CHPplus products enable a renewable-intensive grid by storing renewable energy, shifting building heating and cooling to off-peak times, and providing the peaking, back-up power and by-product heat and cooling to manage peak loads, lowering costs and boosting resiliency.

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