2019 Q2—Ammonia Energy Association Membership

May 14, 2019

MicroEra Power is now a corporate member of the Ammonia Energy Association (AEA). MicroEra’s CTO James Grieve has been and remains a board member of the AEA.

MicroEra Power has some unique Intellectual Property related to efficient and safe use of ammonia as a fuel, for both stationary and vehicle applications. Ammonia is an emerging, globally-scalable fuel, which in many respects is a better “hydrogen carrier” than hydrogen itself.

Ammonia stores and handles like propane, and can be used as a fuel with high fuel-to-electric efficiency, high heat recovery efficiency, and near-zero emissions. Ammonia has a very high octane rating, making it attractive for high power density Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) applications. Ammonia is also an ideal fuel for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) and Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell applications.

All or MicroEra Power’s current and future CHPplusTM architectures can be readily adapted to run ammonia, or as dual-fuel systems running on conventional fuels plus ammonia.

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