MicroEra Power Team Spotlight: Adham Mashaly

Written by Jennifer Sertl

November 1, 2022

Our success comes from technical capability and a really great team. We are building a culture at MicroEra Power, Inc. with innovation, resilience and impact. Meet Adham Mashaly, recent STEM B.S. graduate from University of Rochester.

I am from Alexandria, Egypt.  I have always loved the concept of making metal move, it is like bringing the inanimate to life.. When I was 13 years old I wanted to enter a NASA Sponsored Competition that was working on submarines and needed resources. In high school, I reached out to IBM and was able to coordinate a Grant. That project was very successful and allowed me to be recognized by the US  Embassy in Egypt. The US Embassy in Cairo throughout the US department of State offered me a scholarship to attend one of several colleges and universities in the United States. It was an amazing opportunity and I surveyed several schools all over. I chose a summer program at Syracuse University. While I was there, I met an admissions officer from University of Rochester and toured the University’s Campus  and ultimately moved to Rochester upon graduating High-School and achieved my degree. The autonomy to create my own program was the attraction – the  open curriculum and a business base with a STEM focus.  

It gives me  joy to be working on something new and that is what is great about MicroEra Power. To make sure that future generations get their right to a clean and sustainable future, I am inspired to commit my time to helping in any way or shape I am capable of to make sure this future happens. What I currently bring to the team is my focus on communication. I really like creating partnerships and sharing important information. As part of the MicroEra Power marketing team I am helping our team’s capability become recognized in more and more spheres of influence.

I often get asked about mentorship and my leadership philosophy. There isn’t a specific principle or moment I can refer to. I just know that listening and feedback are very much a part of my process. 

An early influence on me was the story of Percy Jackson. This story is a demigod fiction story. In it, entire worlds and capabilities are opened to Percy. The wonder I gain from that story is the idea that there is so much possibility in the world and new ideas waiting to be discovered. If you are open, your entire world view can change.

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Our success comes from technical capability and a really great team. We are building a culture at MicroEra Power, Inc....