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Our Vision

MicroEra Power envisions a Triple Bottom Line to provide on-site power generation that is economically advantageous and environmentally sustainable. Our multi-function combined heat and power (CHP) system provides FAST PAYBACK.

Our system is capable of highly reliable BACK-UP POWER, as well as variable on-site electricity and heat generation for small-to-medium sized commercial and industrial buildings, using a combination of automotive engine and fuel cell technology. This boosts efficiency and power density compared to existing back-up generators and leverages the low cost and high quality of mass-produced automotive components.

MicroEra Power is developing the world’s most efficient, economical, and clean stationary power generation solutions at commercial scale (100-400 kW modules). Our responsive system provides a flexible energy management tool which allows customers to save up to 50% on their annual energy costs with the environmental benefit of very low carbon emissions.

History & Resources

MicroEra Power, founded in March 2015, stands on the shoulders of 15 years and $200 million of corporate investment in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell R&D. We are a system integration company with access to a great depth of knowledge represented in Rochester, NY with its ecosystem of product and process development for fuel cell, internal combustion engine, emission control, and electronic systems.

MicroEra Power has unique IP, including a set of granted patents, trade secrets and know-how related to the integration of fuel cells and internal combustion engines.

MicroEra Power is located in Rochester, NY. The company has benefitted from support from High Technology Rochester, NYSERDA, The Entrepreneur’s Network, and QUAKE Capital.

Leadership & Advisors

  • Ellie Rusling (CEO)

    Ellie is an entrepreneur having previously managed her own startup and provided consulting to a number of others in new technology to market, grant writing, communications, investor relations, and supplier development. While leading MicroEra Power in its startup mode, she draws from the expertise provided by her network and a strong team of Advisors.

  • James Grieve (CTO)

    James has over 30 years automotive engineering experience with emission controls, engine management systems, solid oxide fuel cells, hybrid vehicles, and alternative fuels. He is named on over 40 patents included all of those licensed. He worked previously with GM, and was a Chief Scientist for Delphi.

  • Kim Keefer (Sales & Strategic Partnerships)

    Sales Representative with 30+ years of providing client-focused sustainability solutions to higher education, hospital and industrial campuses. Top Salesperson, UTC/Carrier and Automated Logic. Green technology products including co-generation, solar, lighting, and maintenance. LEED AP status from GBI.

  • Terry Pahls

    Engineering Management, Energy, Engineering, Value Stream Mapping, and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). Prior experience leading a CHP company. Senior Engineering Consultant and Adminstrative Professor of Engineering at Anderson University.

  • John Clendenin

    Retired business executive and Harvard Business School professor, now serving as the Public Service Commissioner of the USVI Energy and Telecommunications Commission. He is responsible for regulating utility services, including energy, telecommunications, and water while assuring reliability and competitive rate structures. Member of the Nation Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC).

  • Stephen Crolius

    Senior Consultant at the Alliance Consulting Group responsible for providing business strategy services. He is the former Transportation Director of the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Climate Initiative.

  • Dr. Galen Fisher

    Adjunct Research Professor at University of Michigan and catalyst expert, formerly at Delphi/GM. He has extensive knowledge and experience in heterogeneous catalysis, lean NOx emission controls, fuel processing for fuel cells, emission controls, thermochemical recuperation (TCR), and exhaust sensors.

  • Marty St. Germaine

    Information Technology strategist. Very knowledgable about machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT). His client list includes numerous Fortune 500 corporations. He is advising MicroEra Power in its development of its predictive-adaptive system controls.

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