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Our Vision

Efficient, Flexible, Decarbonized Buildings

MicroEra Power envisions a low-carbon, low-cost thermal energy storage system which supports the transition to a renewable-intensive grid and provides commercial buildings with substantial operating cost savings plus resiliency, sustainability, and reliable heating and cooling.

MicroEra Power will engage the brightest engineers, progressive suppliers, channel partners, and insightful business teams to create smart on-site Thermal Energy Storage systems to provide commercial buildings with:

  • Energy Security via reducing peak demands on the electric grid to avoid brown-outs, or black-outs in extremes

  • Energy Cost Savings of up to of 50% on heating & cooling

  • Energy Sustainability by storing wind and solar energies directly in a thermal form for heating and cooling buildings without need for fossil-fueled grid peaker plants and shifting cooling and heating loads to off-peak/renewable intensive times

  • Energy Innovation using our phase change materials, proprietary software & heat exchangers to store and strategically deploy off-peak thermal energy to heat/cool buildings

  • Forward-looking designs, capable of integrating with heat pumps, solar thermal, Combined Heat & Power, and fuel cells to create a best-in-world system for on-site energy storage to heat and cool buildings

History & Resources

MicroEra Power is located in a StartUp NY Clean Energy Commercialization Center in Rochester, NY. The facility was previously a development site for General Motors and Delphi Automotive and represents $10M of equipment & infrastructure (See 2019 Q3 NEWS posting). The company has benefited from support from High Technology Rochester, The New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (NYSERDA), The Entrepreneur’s Network, Cleantech Open, and venture backing from QUAKE Capital.

Start-Up New York status provides MicroEra Power 10 years of relief from New York State property, sales, employer, and employee taxes. Additionally, MicroEra Power has been vetted by the United Kingdom’s Department of International Trade and selected for its prestigious and commercially-driven Global Entrepreneur Program, providing support for export to international markets.

MicroEra Power is a Client of the Clean Energy Business Incubator Program (CEBIP) at Stony Brook University funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Agency (NYSERDA). CEBIP provides assistance and resources for developers of renewable and clean-energy technologies. Through expertise, business acumen, and technological resources of CEBIP’s management team, advisory board, researchers at Stony Brook University and other extensive partnerships, CEBIP helps bridge the gap between innovation and market with a full commitment to helping entrepreneurs develop and commercialize clean energy technology.

In summary, MicroEra Power benefits from several assets:

  • Acceleration through Clean Energy Business Incubator Program (CEBIP)

  • Low-cost access to a world-class development facility in Rochester, New York

  • Start-Up New York designation, which provides 10 years of NYS tax relief

  • Grants from Empire State Development and NYSERDA

  • Global Entrepreneur Company, with support from the U.K. Dept. of International Trade

  • Office in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, an important center for off-shore wind energy innovation, integration and deployment

  • Investor Funding and an Executive Team supported by outstanding Advisors

Leadership & Advisors

  • Ellie Rusling (Co-founder, CEO)

    Ellie is an entrepreneur who has previously managed her own startup and provided consulting for new technologies to market, grant writing, communications, investor relations, and supplier development. While leading MicroEra Power in its startup mode, she draws from her expertise and that provided by her strong network and team of Advisors.

  • James Grieve (Co-founder, CTO)

    James has over 30 years automotive engineering experience in emission controls, engine management systems, solid oxide fuel cells, hybrid vehicles, and alternative fuels. He is named on over 40 granted patents in related fields. He worked previously with GM, and was a Chief Scientist for Delphi.

  • Isai Pochtar (Corporate Development & Finance)

    Isai is a tech entrepreneur with extensive Wall Street experience; connections with institutional investors and infrastructure-related banks. He is supporting MicroEra Power in planning our launch of turnkey Energy-as-a-Service financing.

  • Kim Keefer (Sales & Strategic Partnerships)

    Kim is a Sales Executive with 30+ years of providing client-focused sustainability solutions to higher education, hospital, and industrial campuses. He was a top Salesperson with UTC/Carrier and Automated Logic providing green technology products including co-generation, solar, lighting, and maintenance. Kim also has GBI LEED AP status (Green Building Initiative Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Advanced Professional).

  • Nick Pascoe (MicroEra Power International)

    Nick was CEO of Controlled Power Technologies (CPT), a Visteon spin-out which developed engine boosting and vehicle electrification technologies. CPT sold its light duty electric supercharger business to Valeo, and the remainder was recently acquired by Federal Mogul and is now part of Tenneco. Nick is supporting MicroEra Power in planning R&D, supplier development, and commercialization in the UK and EU markets.

  • James Zizelman (Advisor)

    Jim is a well-known automotive executive and now consultant, with a career at General Motors, Delphi Automotive, and Aptiv, PLC. He led Delphi’s SOFC development program and has extensive knowledge of powertrain, electrification, and electronics technologies - which MicroEra will re-use in its applications.

  • Matej Sevcnikar (Advisor)

    Matej is former CEO of a CHP manufacturer in Europe. He is supporting MicroEra Power in partnerships and supplier relationships in the EU and Asia.

  • Gautam Kalghatgi (Advisor)

    Professor Kalghatgi is a visiting professor at Oxford University. He is an expert on high efficiency Internal Combustion Engine technology and worked at Shell Research and Saudi Aramco.

  • Terry Pahls (Advisor)

    Terry brings Engineering Management, Energy, Engineering, Value Stream Mapping, and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA). He has prior experience leading a CHP company. Terry is a Senior Engineering Consultant and Engineering Professor at Anderson University.

  • John Clendenin (Advisor)

    John is a retired business executive and Harvard Business School professor, and has served as the Public Service Commissioner of the USVI Energy and Telecommunications Commission. He is responsible for regulating utility services, including energy, telecommunications, and water while ensuring reliability and competitive rate structures. He is a Member of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC).

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